Thursday, 9 July 2009

Benefit Collection & Review xxx

So heres my little collection of benefit cosmetics, feel free to recommend any benefit products as i love trying new things(:
1. some kinda gorgeous foundation faker
Gives a light-medium coverage wouldnt recomend it if you have oily skin though, does make me look a little shiny. I dont realy like it so i gave it to my mum and she loves it sooooo much!
heres a picture to show how much she loves it. I have it in light and it just comes out sooo orange on me it looks awful.

2. Benefit playsticks foundation shade spin the bottle
Its supposed to be a conceler and foundation in one, it gives full coverage.
It has an awful smell to it though it smells kinda like tea tree oil i think it accauly has it on cause it says it helps get rid of blemishes well it didnt realy do anything for me.
The packaging is a nightmare it took me like hours to accauly get the product to come out it was stuck in! Okay so the foundation its self well i have a little scar on my cheek from acne so i attempted to cover it and the foundation kinda like sunk around the scar and made it more visable rather than covering it. It can get cakey and it sort of melts of my face it always stays on top of the skin, i'm not realy having good luck with benefit foundations..... :(

i realy love these there both great colours and great blushes, i think i'm going to save for Dallas
& Ten i do prefer tthrob for my skin tone though.
1.(left) Dandelion
A matte baby pink with a peach undertone looks best with a tan.
2.(right) Tthrob
A light pink with a shimmer, I'd say its more of a cooler colour than Dandelion hmmm..
it looks kinda lilac in the picture but its not realy.

They come with these little brushes, but i through them away there not realy that great.

bad gal lash in Black, they also do it in a blue, and a pulm colour which is supposed to make your eye colour POP!
So here is the best way i could show you the brush its BIGGGGGG! aha.
I didnt used to like this mascara i thought it did nothing, but now i see it does accauly lengthen
but theres way better drugstore mascara's! the brush is also a little tooo brush and catches my skin. HAUL! xx

Last week i ordered a some things from its basicaly like a CCO but online(:
the most you can pay for shipping is £2.50 which is great and the ship super fast! 2 days for me.
So heres what i got...

1. (left)
MAC Heatherette beauty powder in smooth harmony
okay first of all its very sheer, it has shimmer in but you cant see the shimmer on your face.
it also can look a little too orange, but still i like it, its okay(:
2.MAC satin lipstick in pink nouveau
i love this colour soooooo much(a matte bubblegum pink),its basicaly the same colour as my bed sheets haha! and satin's are my fav even though they are a little bit on the drying side.
the only bad thing about this, is it kinda makes my teeth look a little yellow :/
3. MAC tendertone in purring.
omggggsh! these smell amazing almost like a strawberry/kiwi smell.
the have spf 12 which is great for the summer mac realeased this last summer and the summer before i dont think they are coming back this summer but someone did tell me that mac are coming out with a simalir product only in a stick which i'd prefer cause i dont realy like sticking my fingers in the pot :/ The only downside about this is that after about 20 mins the colour starts the run off your lips and ends up all around the edges which isn't pretty.
4. MAC dazzle glass in sugarrimmed.
A nudish colour lipgloss with blue and pink reflects in realy pretty!
you no get much product for the price you accauly get more product in the regular lipglass's even though the packaging is smaller.Its kinda sticky but it dosent bother me much.
5. MAC powepoint eye pencil in stubborn brown(its a crayon)
adore this is stays on for ages! will be buying more(:

I also got a brush set from the colour forms collection
Loving the 187 for foundation even though it does shed! I think thats just cause its special edition
But my fav has the be to 219 its so neet! & you can use it for a number of different things, its great for blending out eyeliner(:

Friday, 3 July 2009

All About MAC!

Hey all (:
this is my first post so i'd thought i start off with this Mac questionaire

How long have you been using Mac?

I think was in the summer of 07.
What was your first Mac product?
A shadestick lol yeah i know thats wierd for a 1st product!
What's your all time favourite Mac product?
ermmm thats hard but i'd have to say the MSF naturals :)
What's your least favourite Mac product?
the perfumes, some smell okay but you get the smallest amount!
Do you own a Pro Card?
nope would love to though.
Your Mac foundation shade:
winter-nw15 summer-nw25, my skin is crazy haha.
Your favourite Mac-Foundation:
Studio Fix Fluid
there all amazing! either pretty please or pink noeveau.
underage or love nectar.
blacktrack fluid line and pencil would be powerpoint eye pencil in stubborn brown.
188 even though it does shed a little but its amazing for foundation.
Nail Lacquer:
love & friendship love the colour the the texture is a little urgh
Pro Product:
i don't own a pro product.